Homeless Transitional Coaching

A few years ago, I was homeless. Ordinarily that would sound strange. But for me, it’s been the norm. I’m 48 and I’ve moved over 50 times with family, friends, friends of family, with boyfriends, in my car, and into a homeless shelter. But after several years of government assistance, being unemployable, and bouts of depression, I realized my financial and mental instability and so many others was due to one thing; we were stuck. Once I figured that out, I put it in my book, ‘The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness’ and became a Certified Homeless Transitional Coach. Now I teach people how to go through difficult situations and transition out of Stuckville because I know that it takes more than just resources to get out of that way of life. But how to get that way of life out of you. And if you’d give me the opportunity, I’d be more than happy to help your group outreach, or organization transition too. 

I teach people how to go through difficult situations and how to transition out of homelessness

An Interactive, Call-To-Action Guide for the Homeless


The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness is a 175-page interactive eGuide written exclusively for the homeless. It takes readers on a compelling journey of what led to my battle with chronic homelessness. I candidly tell the story of my struggle with promiscuity, instability, and mental illness while transparently sharing what I did to regain my sanity and financial strength, by walking readers back to the people, circumstances, and decisions that led my (and their) demise. I guide readers to their breakthroughs and a-ha moment’s so that they’re able to take ownership of their ugly past by teaching them how to convert their hard knock life experience and/or hood skills into soft business skills; a language that potential employers can understand and value. This life-changing action guide comes with a Vision Board, Vision and Resume Builder, Life Experience Converter, Enrollment Guide with an Educational To-Do List, along with a Confession Card.  





This book is currently unavailable as a hard copy. If you'd like to help towards the self-publishing project, feel free to give.


Some give fish away, and to those we salute. 

But our mission is to equip future fishermen

Gifting-a-guide puts a fishing rod into the hands of the 

homeless so that they’re able to eat today, launch out into the deep tomorrow, and fish for a lifetime

Your gift of $8.99 or more will sponsor a guide for our scholarship 

program which is exclusively for those who don’t have 

the money to purchase the guide.

It takes more than money to get out of homelessness. You have to get that way of life out of you.

How Can We Work Together

If your church has a homeless outreach, you can purchase bulk copies of ‘The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness’ and disburse them with your care packages. If you have a podcast, you can invite me to be your guest. If you’re having an event, you can invite me to speak, or if you just have a heart for the homeless, you can donate and gift a guide. And if you can’t do any of the above a priceless prayer for the homeless will do.