Wait Coaching is specialized support coaching designed to evaluate your sex life by identifying your sexual triggers and reestablishing your sexual standards. The objective is to get you to the point where you you’re able to effectively manage your sexuality; by teaching you how to go beyond the 5-date, 90-day rule and into a time in which you’re willing to wait or take what’s known as a Sexual Sabbatical; a time in which you rest your body and life from all sexual activity. 

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This service is for sex addicts, sugar babies, side chicks, and/or those in the adult entertainment industry who desire to retire from the game of sex. Having been a sex addict, I understand the financial struggle and fear that comes with leaving a sex-for-pay lifestyle which is why I offer Exit Strategy Retirement Coaching and eCourses.

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With four books on marriage prep and sex, wait curriculum for parents and educators, an eCourse that helps moms have that inconvenient talk, a sex talk book for teens, and over 16 years of wait experience, audiences are guaranteed to walk away with life-changing a-ha moments. 

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Your listeners need someone that can walk them through the Word in real time while being able to keep it one hundred at the same time. Listeners will understand how to navigate these single streets while learning how to manage their sexuality.


A recent poll determined that 82% of single Christians are scripturally illiterate on topics that matter most to them. As a member of your panel, I’ll provide the tidbits they need to increase their sexual literacy. 


Onsite, faith-based Q&A sessions that answer the complex questions about sex. Great for book clubs, small groups, and breakout sessions.