What Qualifies Me to Speak?


A longtime friend, global business leader and Pastor, Keri H. Kokayi, recommended that I schedule an appointment with you so that you can hear my heart and get a better understanding of my ministry, in order to prayerfully consider me for your next conference, panel, podcast, or event. After our conversation, I understood why. It’s because as an under shepherd or ministry leader, you’re very protective. You don’t want some hireling, someone trying to sell a few books and get a speakers fee, the opportunity to feed your sheep. You have to be assured that what they’re being fed is Word-based and Spirit-led.

My Experience

Though I thought I knew this, I quickly saw his point, in that you have no way of knowing that I have been celibate for the last 16 years and have studied the scriptures and written books about dating, marriage prep, and sex. There’s no way you could have known that I’ve served as an Abstinence Facilitator and am currently developing abstinence curriculum for parents and educators in addition to have created a ‘Wait Coaching for Moms’ eCourse that helps moms have that inconvenient talk, as well as written ‘Girl, You’re Not Ready!’ for teens that answers the questions they wish they could ask their moms about the game of sex.


How Could You Have Known...

…that I’ve authored four books for singles which include, ‘Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life Before, During, and After Sex’, ‘Girl, Get Ready! Your Future Husband is Coming!' and 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!' because that’s what God was doing with me those sixteen years; helping to get my mind right by aligning my thoughts with what He said about men, marriage, and sex. And even with all that, you couldn’t have know that I’ve also written, ‘116 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives' because that’s where all this material was birthed – in prayer.




...I Can't Expect You To Know...

…that I can teach your listeners, Women’s, and Singles all that I’ve learned and lived and that by the end of our time together, they’ll walk away biblically astute with a robust understanding of sex. Because when the Barna Group polled 103,600 churches nationwide, they discovered that 91 percent of its members felt as if they needed more teaching on the subject, while 82 percent said they felt they weren’t confident about what the Bible has to say about sexual identity and premarital sex. Which means 82 percent of the church – nationwide – are scripturally illiterate on the subjects that matter most to singles. With that being said, you can be assured that your sheep won’t have that problem as it would be my absolute privilege to partner with you to ensure that your spiritual children receive the best sex education God has to offer. 



Much like David knew he was called to lead God’s people but still had to serve well over a decade before he took his place; I too have been praying studying, journaling, authoring, and preparing for the opportunity to speak and to serve.  


I invite you to take a look at my library, buy as many books, or download as many sample chapters you may need in order to get familiar with my heart and work. If after reading, you still have questions, feel free to email me at and I’ll be more than happy to answer or schedule a time that we can talk. Whatever you decide, thank you for all you do. 

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