Without going into a lot of fan fair in an attempt to try to impress you, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t look good on paper. I don’t have the education and formal credentials to do what I do. My past is ugly and riddled with failure. But it wasn’t until I was officially launching, Real Issues Ministries, that I realized my life experience was enough. That was because in 2012, I was listening to Bestselling Author and Reinvention Strategist, Marshawn Evans Daniels conduct a free teleseminar on, ‘The Power of Platform’. In it, she said you needed to discover what it is that you do and then establish yourself as an authority in that field. At the time, I was unemployed, on food stamps, and was still traumatized from having been shot a few months prior. Though I knew I could do something, I didn’t know exactly what. So I started to make a list.  

The list had things like being a Servicing Manager for a fortune 500 company, having over 50+ direct reports and managing a multi-million dollar portfolio to being unemployed for over a decade. It included being a cancer, domestic, and violent crime survivor. It listed the fact that I was legally blind and included brutally transparent things like battling mental illness and having lived a sex-for-pay lifestyle. That’s when I realized I don’t look good on paper. I became discouraged because with each review I could only see failure and whole lot of sin. But then God showed me the list as He saw it. With each description, He began to unravel the failure and reveal the lesson or what she referred to as ‘Branding and Expert Positioning.’ He let me know that I didn’t need to focus on what I did or didn’t have experience in, but rather what I’d experienced. To my surprise, I had enough LIFE EXPERIENCE, and time spent studying the Word to know how to make it through those experiences, to garner me as an authority in what I thought was failure. And thus, REAL ISSUES MINISTRIES was launched.



 As the Founder, I understand that it takes extensive time in prayer and in the Word to go through the pain, hardships, and real issues that plague us today. Real issues like healthcare, mental illness, hyper spirituality, racism, sexism, homelessness, unemployment, immigration, domestic violence, crime, mass incarceration, sex, the side chick phenomena, and much, much more. The problem is that many get stuck in their real issues simply because they don’t know that the Bible says about it. Others think the Bible is irrelevant, outdated and doesn’t speak of anything I just mentioned. But to them I say you’re wrong; it does. In fact, you’d be quite surprised that all of the aforementioned has a very practical, 100, and real solution. Therefore, the mission of Real Issues Ministries is to help you to see Jesus today. For you to see the Word walked out in 2019. Not wearing a toga and gladiator sandals but a custom Jacob Clayton™ with a nice pair of Tom Ford’s®.   


Taking Jesus out of a toga and gladiators and into a Jacob Clayton™ and Tom Ford’s®.

Support REAL Ministry

We have opted not to become a nonprofit (501(c)3) for THREE reasons: 

At our conception, I didn't have the means to establish the ministry as a 501(c)3. To do so would have cost thousands. Because I wanted to move forward, I contacted the Internal Revenue Service and was told I could still become a registered ministry and accept donations, but I'd have to disclose that all contributions weren't tax deductible which is why I am transparent in my disclosure. 

The second reason I opted not to become a nonprofit is because having an exempt tax status restricts your ability to voice what the Bible says about certain issues. Therefore, I opted TO BE TAXED so that I can freely express what the Word says; without any governmental backlash or financial ramifications. Matthew 17:24-27 lets us know that Jesus believed in paying taxes. And though the temple tax was a personal tax, it is safe to say that if the Lord were in ministry today, He’d pay both His personal and ministry tax because He believed in saying ALL  the Father told Him to say which, at times, was not politically correct. #andtheregoI

Lastly, I opted out of becoming a nonprofit because I believe IN PROFIT. Not because of what your hands provide, but because of what my hands do. At REAL ISSUES MINISTRIES, I create content such as books, explainer videos, plays, and films through REAL ISSUES PUBLISHING, in which I anticipate huge profits. Your contribution simply helps me do what God created me to.  

Please note: I am in no way implying that other religious nonprofits are wrong for their nonprofit status. In fact, I support and financially contribute to their efforts. A tenth, and then some, of all my proceeds go into various churches and ministries. My belief is that they are doing as they were instructed, as am I. Thankfully, there is room in the kingdom for both. 


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